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Ep. 100: Roundtable Discussion with America’s Leader in Licensing, Surplus Lines and Regulatory Compliance – ILSA

Ep. 99: Uulala: Using Fintech to Bring The Cash-Based Community into the Mainstream Economy

Oscar and Andre share their humble beginnings, the goal of Uulala and how it helps people have financial credibility despite their under/unbanked status.

Ep. 98: Utilizing Volunteer Programs to Improve Employee Retention

Ep.97: Solution Based Insurance – Growing Your Network with the Cards You are Dealt

Jeff describes his life before he became an entrepreneur, his passion for starting and selling companies, and his criteria when developing products to sell.

Ep. 96: Mentors, Sponsors, Internships: A Newcomer’s Groundwork

Douglas Dick shares how he went from student to intern, the experiences and lessons learned, and some of the challenges he overcame throughout his journey.

Ep. 95: Uncovering Your Perfect Fit for an Agency Alliance

Marcus Flesher shares how he and Pacific Crest help agents grow in the insurance industry. He describes some of the factors agents look for in alliances.

Ep. 94: How Actuaries are Embracing the Insurtech Revolution

Erik Wenzel sheds light on the subject of actuarial science, how it interacts with the insurance industry, the real cost of insurance and more.

Ep. 93: Fix My Agency

Billy Williams shares his wisdom on what separates a good leader from a great leader and how emotions affect the way we handle problems and solutions.

Ep. 92: Trailblazing Cannabis in the Insurance Industry

Patrick McManamon shares the state of the cannabis insurance industry, how they help sellers with their insurance products and the inspiration behind his company.

Ep. 91: The Journey – A Study of African Americans in The Insurance Industry

Dr. Leroy Nunery shares his views on diversity in the insurance industry. He describes the statistics of minorities in high ranking positions and more.

Ep. 90: Wire Fraud, Extortion, Identity Theft! Step Up Your Cyber Security Awareness

Jessica Thayer discusses cyber security and how this affects the type of insurance recommended to businesses. She shares real-world scenarios concerning hacking and other forms of cybersecurity threats.

Ep. 89: A Cutting Edge Insurtech – Merging Data & Actuarial Science

Pradnya Nimkar discusses the numerous functions of someone working in the data science field and explains the role their analytics play in the insurance industry.


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