Podcast Interview Instructions

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* This podcast is pre-recorded and edited. It may be released one week to four months later. This gives us plenty of time to edit and make everyone sound amazing!!!!!

Spot On Insurance (“SOI”), is aimed at bringing knowledge, advice, and insight to insurance professionals through weekly podcasts.  Insurance professionals come to the SOI platform to enhance their knowledge related to regulatory compliance, agency growth, industry networking. The information shared by our guest speakers should be relevant to insurance professionals. Thank you in advance for being a SOI guest speaker!

1. Talking points: If you have a specific topic that you want to discuss, please send them to me.

2. Brief Bio:  As soon as possible provide a brief bio, 200 words or less about you and/or your organization.

– Send to: ttaveras@soiteam.com

3. Links:  Please provide any links that you would like us to put on the shownotes.

• Tips for a successful interview

People really like stories. So if you get an opportunity to expound on your ideas or subject with an interesing story, I know they will love it. The more stories you can share with our listeners, the more they will relate to your subject.

I like to keep the conversation natural so I’ll often ask follow-up questions or dig into the specifics.  We may skip questions if we’re short on time.  If there are any questions you absolutely don’t want me to ask or Do want me to ask — just let me know.  I’m as flexible as a gymnast.  In general, I like to keep our interviews at 25 minutes or less.  Some questions may elicit really specific details to share that are helpful to our Audience.  In those cases, the interview may last somewhat longer.  Before we get to the questions please keep the following in mind:

1.  Make sure you silence all electronics such as your cell phone or computer programs like Facebook notifications.

2.  An easy way to improve your interview is to pick a small, carpeted room.  This usually works best to decrease echo and improve the sound quality.

3.  I feel silly saying this, but If you are doing the interview from home, be sure that your children and pets are in a different room.

4.  Hook the headset into your microphone jack on your computer.

5.  There may be pauses between your answers and my response, OR NOT.  Joking aside, I will try my best to avoid talking over you.  Pauses and “goof-ups” are very easy to edit out, so please feel free to state, “hold on there Ted I just goofed, let’s start again.”

6.  Relax and be yourself.  We’ll have a great time chatting.

• General Interview Questions to Consider

Might or might not be on the test, just something to think about in your preparation for the interview

1.  Tell us about yourself, and your business or career

2.  What are some of your day to day struggles?

3.  What is the one accomplishment in your business or career that you’re most proud of

4.  What was the Lowest point in your business and how did you push past it?

5.  Best online tool or app that helps your business or takes your career to the next level

6.  Single biggest factor/best thing you did to grow your biz?

7.  What is your definition of success?

8.  Your favorite business book/best biz advice given to you and/or inspirational quote

9.  Be prepare to share business stories with our audience

• Learn more about our team

Any questions? Feel free to let them know.

Stephanie Salcedo: ssalcedo@soiteam.com |  Christian Maysonet: cmaysonet@soiteam.com

• Improving your sound quality

As you can imagine we are very excited about your upcoming interview, and looking at every possible way that we can help improve your sound quality as it makes its way to the SpotOn mic.  With that said, we are driven to provide THE VERY BEST Podcasts to our SpotOn audience, and it starts with delivering your voice and your message at it’s highest possible audio quality.  We ask that if at all possible you refrain from using ear buds or talking directly into your computer.  Instead, we would like to politely guide you to MINIMALLY purchase a “Logitech ClearChat Headset H350.  If you have a good pair of noise cancelling headset or expensive gaming headset that will work just as well. We found the Logitech model on Amazon for just $28.00.

We are recommending it to you so we both get the most out of the interview and our listeners are not subjected to crappy audio.  It’s made a great difference for everyone we have interviewed so far.

Two years ago when we first launched SpotOn we had 50,000 listeners across the country in 3 months.  With our recent relaunch and our new kick butt marketing team in Puerto Rico we aim to take the Insurance industry by storm and it starts with a clear informative interview. 

Think about it, If that many people are listening, making sure the best version of your voice  coming through (LOUD AND CLEAR) will probably be worth the expense.

We have taken the liberty of including this link to the headset in case you decide to go the amazon route. 

 Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2EhQ6Dz


• Promotional videos

Our designers can help promote your episode, just look at the examples below.

A before and after of a VIDEO
that Brandie Hinen sent us

This is what our video team did
with the AUDIO Matt Dietz sent us

4. Topic: Your month and week’s theme is listed below:


Jan: Let’s Get it Started Right Here (Agency Improvement)

Feb: Surplus Lines from Initial Licensing to Tax Filings

Mar: Beyond Licensing: Secy of State, Dept. of Revenue & more

Apr: Disruptive Technology = Time to Reinvent Your Agency

May: M&A: Compliance & Licensing in the Due Diligence Process

June: Alt. Insurance: Captives, RPGs. What’s In It for Producers

July: Puerto Rico’s Tax Incentives: 10 Tax Acts Worth Considering 

August: Leadership = Team Empowerment = Freedom

Sept: Surplus Lines from Initial Licensing to Tax Filings

Oct: Compliance Coordinator: Backbone of Successful Agency

Nov: Year End Mergers & Acquisitions: Be Aware & Be a Winner

Dec: Compliance Checkup: Success Comes to the Prepared


Week 1. Career Advancement

Top producers, Agency principal, licensing administrator, actuary, risk manager— any insurance professional takes our audience through their career journey all the way to their current professional status. Challenges they faced and overcame. Advice for others considering switching roles in insurance industry or entering industry.

Week 2. Industry Associations

Association reps discuss the benefits of joining the association and sharing upcoming legislative and/or industry changes, networking opportunities.

Week 3. Regulatory

Regulator or regulatory attorney provides insight on why businesses are fined, penalized, etc. with the DOI, DOR, SOS or Stamping Offices.

Week 4. Compliance Professional

Compliance Specialist such as a Surplus Lines Tax Filer or Captive Manager provides valuable step by step walk through of compliance processes.

Week 5. Bonus Theme

5. Interview Format:  The podcast episode is 20-40 minutes in duration and uses the following format:

1.  Introduction of the guest including bio (2 minutes)

2.  3-6 questions related to your talking points (15 minutes)

3.  Wrap up (1 minutes)

In the closing segment you will have two minutes to discuss a bit more about your business and how listeners can contact you.

Thank you.  I can’t wait to hear what you have to say