Ep 18: Annual Returns and Corporate Taxes 101 Terminology

by | Sep 27, 2017

Sabrina Slater has a background in compliance and recurring services which helped her develop the perfect skillset needed for managing ILSA’s Annuals and Corporate services. Tameika Johnson is the company’s Annuals and Corporate Supervisor and helps clients with corporate tax filings and annual returns.

In this episode, Sabrina and Tameika share the importance of updating company information and the possible legal problems a company can encounter if incorrect information is provided. They also briefly explain the difference between a shareholder and a stock.

“If we don’t have the correct information up front, it’s just a whirlwind effect.” – Sabrina Slater


– what you’ll learn –

  • Why it’s important to update corporate structure, officer, and shared information.
  • The main types of organizational structure and how they differ from the federal filing structure.
  • How can organizational structure affect your filing?
  • Difference between a calendar and fiscal year.
  • The different types of titles and the differences between them.
  • What are shares and what information do you need from a client about their shares?
  • Why is it important to know client share information?

this episode

Connect with Sabrina:

  • Email: sslater@ilsainc.com
  • Phone: 254-729-6109

Connect with Tameika:

  • Email: tjohnsonn@ilsainc.com
  • Phone: 254-729-6119

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s important to let your corporates and annuals team know your updated client information to prevent penalties.

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