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What I’ll Learn

This free course is an overview – your foundation for all the courses in our program.  You’ll see why licensing is so important for the insurance industry (besides you-have-to-by-law) and learn who needs to be licensed. 


This overview course is an introduction to bigger and better things to come. In this course you will get the following impactful lessons from our entire program of compliance courses:

Lesson 1: Who needs an Insurance License?

Lesson 2: License Classes and Lines Of Authority

Lesson 3: Answering the NAIC Background Questions

Lesson 4: Affiliations

Lesson 5: DAT TIME

Lesson 6: Licensing for your Changing Agency

Lesson 7: Address Changes

Lesson 8: Secretary of State Withdrawals

Lesson 9: Staying Informed About Regulatory Changes

Licensing & Compliance

Accelerator Bundle

All these courses are designed to work together to provide you with an understanding of the licensing and compliance process from start to finish.  That’s why we’re offering you a special price when you sign up for ALL the courses with our Licensing & Compliance Accelerator Bundle!


Arleen Taveras brings decades of experience in insurance licensing and compliance to these courses.  They reflect the hands-on experience of the hundreds of compliance experts she has worked with in her career – experts who continue to deal with changing regulatory requirements and procedures day in and day out.  They are sharing their tools and insights to help you leap ahead in your compliance career. Start listening to these podcast series so you get ahead in the game!

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