Ep. 165: Achieving Superior Commercial Collections

by | May 19, 2020

Eric Allen is the President of Sixth Avenue West, a collection services company that primarily serves commercial insurance carriers, law firms, government contractors, and institutional lenders. He has over 15 years of experience in the insurance and human resources industries. His responsibilities as president include business development, quality assurance, and customer experience enhancement. Eric also held multiple leadership roles for insurance companies, self-insurance funds, and employer organizations. 

Eric joins us to share what Sixth Avenue West does for the insurance industry and why they’re not your typical collections company. He shares the lessons he’s learned throughout his life and career, his sports accolades, and how his experience in track and field made him a good leader. He discusses the lack of empathy in the collections industry and how their business model addressed that gap. Eric also shares advice for those who may want to work with a collections company.

“Learn the process and take it head-on. That will lead you into doing work outside of that one profession, and you become way more valued to a company and to yourself.” – Eric Allen

What you’ll learn:

  • Eric’s life journey and some of the takeaways he learned.
  • Some of Eric’s notable sports achievements.
  • How sports helped him become successful in his career.
  • Why Eric didn’t let his family background get in the way of his dreams.
  • Eric’s job as a premium auditor and when he decided to manage the family business.
  • What separates Sixth Avenue West from a typical collection agency?
  • The businesses they serve and how they plan to outlast the pandemic.
  • What their “stoic philosophy” business model is about.
  • The system they put in place as a workaround to the difficulty of collecting money.

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Key Takeaways:

  • You can learn business skills from activities that don’t revolve around business.
  • Empathy and collecting money are not mutually exclusive to one another.

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