Ep. 143: Business Secrets For Top Performers

by | Dec 17, 2019

Thalia Toha is an expert in providing brand and business strategizing services to busy entrepreneurs. She has over 20 years of experience working with 7-figure national brands and various S&P companies, helping them solve long-term growth challenges that translate to bigger earnings. Before becoming a business advisor, Thalia practiced real estate for more than 10 years in the New York and Washington, DC areas. She is also part of NAI Global as Advisor.

Thalia joins us today to share some of the best business secrets for top performers in any industry. She shares her dreams and aspirations as a young girl growing up in Indonesia and what led her to study at Princeton University. She explains how entrepreneurs should manage their time and set their priorities. She discusses the importance of having a website with content that tells your company’s story without alienating the audience. Thalia also shares her “strength to strength” strategy and why it’s effective for lead conversion.

“To be successful, you just have to take small steps.” – Thalia Toha

What you’ll learn:

  • Thalia’s dreams and aspirations when she was still in school.
  • Her experience in high school with being different and surviving it.
  • Managing multiple priorities as an entrepreneur.
  • Why setting up a website for your business is key to success today.
  • The amount of time business owners should spend discussing problems and solutions.
  • The type of online content that converts leads.
  • The right time to use jargon in your specific industry.
  • What a proper response should be on client inquiries and interviews.
  • What the “strength to strength” strategy conveys.
  • Her podcast and the way business owners can use it as a reference for strategies.
  • Using video to have human-to-human conversations with leads.

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Key Takeaways:

  • A client’s first impression is likely to come from your website.
  • If you’re genuine, clients will ask you about you. 

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