Ep. 167: Creating a Successful Referral Programs

by | Jun 2, 2020

Nick Andrews is the Marketing Project Manager for Liberty Mutual Insurance, a company that customizes coverage so customers only pay for what they need. They offer multi-policy discounts, better car replacements, and 24/7 road assistance among other services. As Project Manager, Nick is responsible for planning and executing national marketing programs formulated to boost business and client retention. Some of his areas of expertise include SEO, PPC, social media ads, email marketing, and B2B marketing.

Nick joins us to discuss the steps companies need to take to make sure their referral programs are working as intended. He shares the toughest challenge he’s encountered as a professional and how he gravitated towards working in the insurance industry. He explains how you can track your referral and other marketing programs and how to maintain cybersecurity while working from home. Nick also shares advice for those who are struggling to run their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Tracking is such a key element, not just for the success of a referral program, but for the success of all marketing.” – Nick Andrews

What you’ll learn:

  • A brief introduction to Nick and his professional career.
  • The biggest professional challenge he faced and how he overcame it.
  • Interesting stats about their High Growth Agency Survey.
  • Keeping track of whether your marketing strategies are working.
  • The steps you need to take for your referral program to work.
  • Using charities to improve your social media presence and referrals.
  • How they keep their business running during the pandemic.
  • Cybersecurity concerns of running a business from home.
  • The next game-changer in the insurance industry.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Referral programs need to be carefully tracked to see if they’re working and worth the investment.
  • Charities can be used as a means of spreading your brand all over social media.
  • Be able to communicate with your clients in a way that they want to communicate.

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