Ep. 183: Dueling with Disruption with Gregory Offner

by | Sep 22, 2020

Gregory Offner Jr. is a public speaker, career development coach, and expert content marketer. He regularly held public speaking and coaching events in front of professionals and students until the pandemic hit this year. He then took on the mantle of a Virtual Event Emcee, a position born out of the need to present to an audience in this time of uncertainty. Greg is also fond of music, citing his love for the piano and performing in front of an audience as a steppingstone to where he is today.

Greg joins us today to share how he turned his passion for music into a professional speaking career. He describes his childhood, how recession affected the way he was schooled, and how music kept him going as a professional. He discusses the time he was told he would lose his voice, the anxiety of losing one of his motivators in life, and his realization when he was unable to speak for long periods during treatment. He explains how disruptions happen and why companies are either disrupting or being disrupted. Greg also describes why companies, like people, are always changing and never in maintenance mode.

“You can either choose to disrupt or be disrupted, but there is no ‘maintain.’ No company is ever in maintenance mode.” – Gregory Offner

What you’ll learn:

  • Gregory’s passion for music.
  • Greg’s reflections on the moment the doctor told him he would lose his voice.
  • Greg’s life as a pianist and his experience performing in front of people.
  • How Greg’s predicament with his voice changed his perception of injury.
  • The kind of excuse COVID-19 provided many company executives.
  • The many services Greg offers companies to help them keep up with disruption.
  • Why no company is ever in maintenance mode and how it relates to people.
  • What sets disruption apart from everything else in business?
  • Why every performance he does for companies is his favorite.
  • Greg’s advice for those who want to continuously change for the better.

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Key Takeaways:

  • COVID-19 was the perfect excuse for companies to get creative.
  • If we build on our successes, we’re going to be so much more successful than if we constantly spotlight our failures.
  • In any industry, things happen because they have insurance.

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