Ep. 68: Embracing The Power Of Digital Sales

by | Jul 10, 2018

Ryan Hanley is the Chief Marketing Officer at Trusted Choice, Editor in Chief at Agency Nation and is considered as the Master of Content Marketing in the insurance industry. His goal is to help businesses find their audience and win the battle for online attention by producing content that converts. As a keynote speaker, he delivers more than 20 presentations a year to help individuals as well as brands tell their story, grow their online business, and build a solid audience.

Ryan joins us to share his wisdom regarding content creation and marketing. He explains the importance of producing enough content and knowing what content attracts your targeted audience. He also describes the kind of insurance agency that can thrive in today’s market and how tracking analytics factors into the equation.

“People will forgive a thousand technical mistakes in your content if they think you’re doing it because you care about them.” – Ryan Hanley

What you’ll learn:

  • Can insurance consumers today build more trust with an individual than with a robot?
  • The current insurance trends in consumer relationships.
  • Using digital technology to grow an agency.
  • How agents can embrace content marketing.
  • His tips in maximizing your business website.
  • How often should you produce content?
  • Where he sees the industry in five years.
  • Tips for those entering the industry.
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Key Takeaways:

  • Consumers get to dictate if your content is valuable or not.
  • Some businesses lack tracking not because of tools or that it’s difficult, but because people don’t want to track.

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