Ep. 74: Grow Your Agency With LinkedIn

by | Aug 21, 2018

Joshua B. Lee is a strategic growth coach, founder and CEO of Stand Out Authority, and the author of Balance is Bullsh*t. His company helps B2B businesses and professionals expand their reach and scale their businesses by aligning their marketing and sales techniques, improve their online authority, and navigate the digital sales ecosystem. He has managed over $100-Million in ad spending and has controlled over 30-Trillion online impressions.

Joshua joins us to share how we can use social media to enhance and advance our careers. He describes his life experience and inspiration for founding Stand Out Authority and explains why LinkedIn is the best online platform to use when it comes to social selling. He also explains how to build an excellent LinkedIn profile and discusses why LinkedIn wasn’t designed to make people stay, unlike other social media platforms.

“Every company is run by another human being and we've forgotten to to treat others as human beings instead of another asset or sale.” - Joshua B. Lee


What you'll learn:

  • How he earned six figures as a college student.
  • His experience working with Myspace.
  • What made him want to write a book?
  • His business mindset and how he relates it to helping other people.
  • What led him to the world of LinkedIn marketing?
  • His tips on how to leverage social media for marketing.
  • Why “social selling” doesn't involve any selling at all.
  • What makes LinkedIn a better platform for social selling.
  • The various ways to get traffic.
  • How new users make LinkedIn work for their careers.
  • The value of creating, sharing, commenting, and liking posts every day on LinkedIn.
  • What does having connections on LinkedIn do for your profile?
  • The ideal time you should spend on LinkedIn.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The money will come, just don't make it your one and only priority.
  • 49% of all business decision makers are actively using LinkedIn.
  • People are sick of online ads and sales funnels. They want a personal connection again and phone calls are a good example.
  • Business should be focused on service and service should be focused on helping others.

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