Ep. 174: Homeowner’s Insurance: DIY or Concierge Service

by | Jul 21, 2020

Sean Harper is the Co-Founder of Kin Insurance, a company that aims to fix home insurance through the use of intuitive technology, world-class customer service, and affordable pricing. Their company is committed to serving homeowners who reside in catastrophe-prone areas and those deeply affected by climate change. Because of his background in Computer Science and Economics, Sean has efficiently integrated new technologies in an industry that prefers to do things ‘the old-fashioned way’.

Sean joins us today to share what Kin does, how their company is innovating the insurance space, and what they offer that other insurance companies don’t. He shares his experiences while attending college, how he became interested in programming, and what inspired him to start Kin. He discusses the new challenges the insurance industry will face post-COVID-19 and shares how he and his team coped during the quarantine. Sean also shares advice for those who are purchasing home insurance for the first time.

“People hate thinking about insurance, so we should do all that we can to get them thinking about it.” – Sean Harper

What you’ll learn:

  • Sean’s life in college, his passion for programming, and when he began his career in insurance.
  • Why Sean founded Kin and the insurance problems they can solve.
  • Why starting an insurance company is easier than starting a bank.
  • How the coronavirus pandemic affected their company and employees.
  • The challenges of integrating tech into a non-tech industry.
  • Why they don’t trust user input data the same way they do objective data.
  • The inspiration behind the name of their company.
  • The services Kin can offer in times of catastrophes.
  • Why more homeowners need to explore home insurance.
  • Sean’s tips for first-time home insurance buyers.

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Key Takeaways:

  • In catastrophes, people prefer text messages as a means of communication.
  • Half of all flood losses happen in non-FEMA designated flood areas.
  • People don’t want to spend their time thinking about the composition of their building. They want to spend their time making sure they have the right coverage for their risk profile

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