Ep. 89: A Cutting Edge Insurtech – Merging Data & Actuarial Science

by | Dec 4, 2018

Pradnya Nimkar is an Associate Data Scientist at CLARA Analytics, a claims service company that utilizes AI technology to provide the best doctors and resources for injured workers, reduce claims costs, and detect litigation risk. She has seven years of experience in actuarial analytics in the insurance industry. Being an actuary, Pradnya learned how to use tools specific to data science analytics such as Python, Statistical Modeling, and Natural Language Processing.

Pradnya joins us to discuss the numerous functions and responsibilities of someone working in the data science field. She shares how she found her passion for statistics and explains the role data science analytics play in the insurance industry. She describes the various methods they use for claims and explains why methods alone aren’t absolute as well as shares advice for data scientists who want to enter the insurance industry.

“Different methods have different assumptions, and they can perform differently.” - Pradnya Nimkar

What you'll learn:

  • Her academic and career journey, achievements, and how she got into the insurance industry.
  • The typical roles and functions of a data scientist.
  • How data science is applied in the insurance industry.
  • The methods they apply to analyze data and interpret them.
  • What an actuary is, what they do, and why they are admired in the industry.
  • The challenges she faced in getting to where she is today.
  • The products CLARA Analytics offer and her role in the company.
  • How she benefits from being a member of actuary organizations.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Data science is just not about the methods, but the judgment of the actuary.

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