Ep. 181: Integrating AI Into the Healthcare Ecosystem

by | Sep 8, 2020

Dan Faggella is the CEO and Head of Research at Emerj, a tech company that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses and organizations develop winning strategies and profitable decisions. An avid fan of AI, he is known as someone who has an unbiased voice regarding the applications and implications of artificial intelligence algorithms in any industry and throughout our society. When he’s not running Emerj, Dan is hosting not one, but two podcasts: The AI in Business podcast and the AI in Financial Services podcast

Dan joins us to share how artificial intelligence can change the way leaders plan their marketing strategies and the AI services Emerj offers. He describes who he is and how he became interested in the business of AI. He explains the pros and cons of using AI-generated realities and simulations while citing real world examples. He discusses how the pandemic has affected their business and why it’s not all negative. Dan also describes the potential that AI can unlock for the insurance and healthcare industries.

“AI was a very personally curious initiative, but it turned out to be a business advantage for enterprises who want to allocate money intelligently.” – Dan Faggella

What you’ll learn:

  • What OECD is and its purpose.
  • Why Dan ventured into the business of artificial intelligence.
  • When AI became a popular topic in multiple industries.
  • How Covid-19 has helped and challenged Dan’s business model.
  • Deepfake technology, its dangers, and its business potential.
  • Using AI to generate ideas for marketing, planning, and other aspects of business management.
  • What we can expect once artificial intelligence becomes part of commercial media.
  • How AI is currently being used in healthcare.
  • Should patients fear how AI can be used to determine insurance coverage?
  • What Emerj is, how it got started, and the solutions it provides to businesses and organizations.
  • The potential benefits of artificial intelligence in the insurance industry.
  • How to get the youth to be excited to work in insurance.

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Key Takeaways:

  • When deepfake tech becomes the norm, there’s going to be a multi-front battle for the nature of reality.
  • We’re still far from fearing AI manipulation of our insurance coverage.
  • The future of marketing and politics will be spearheaded by AI-generated people who don’t exist.

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