Ep. 148: Journey from Intel to the Insurance Industry

by | Jan 21, 2020

David “Dave” Davis is the Chief Technology Officer at Fudge Insurance, a family-owned, independent agency that offers custom-fit insurance policies to individuals, families, and businesses. Before joining Fudge Insurance, Dave spent 19 years with Intel as part of a cloud and data center support team. Because of his technical expertise, Dave’s responsibilities are focused on cloud service models, server design, and cybersecurity mitigation. 

Dave joins us to share the importance of having people skills and tech awareness in insurance. He describes what his life was like before becoming a technology professional, his time at Intel, and the reason why he joined the insurance industry. He explains some of the tech problems the industry faces and why he says independent agencies are overwhelmed. Dave also discusses some of the conferences he plans to attend in 2020.

“The best sort of technology happens organically and grows over time.” – David Davis

What you’ll learn:

  • Discussing the earthquake that recently happened in Puerto Rico.
  • Where it all began for Dave and when he joined the insurance industry.
  • His time at Intel, his responsibilities, and why he left.
  • How his family influenced the career he wanted to build.
  • The time when he felt separation anxiety from being a technical person.
  • How and why he began working in insurance.
  • How the tech problems the industry was experiencing made him switch careers.
  • Prioritizing work-life balance and family time.
  • His realizations to the industry’s relationship with technology.
  • Why independent agencies are overwhelmed with new technology proposals.
  • What a CTO does and his responsibilities at Fudge Insurance.
  • The conferences he plans to attend in 2020.
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Key Takeaways:

  • It can take years to develop a base set of skills for people leadership and management.
  • The independent agent channel is like the Wild West. Independent agency owners are overwhelmed with all sorts of new technologies.
  • Insurance and technology are almost inseparable these days.

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