Ep. 162: Keeping Insurance Honest

by | Apr 28, 2020

Andrew Vogeney is the Marketing Manager at FRISS, a fraud, risk, & compliance company. FRISS offers fraud detection and risk assessment software that allows companies to have hi-speed, real-time risk assessment, and have up to five times increase in anti-fraud savings. Andrew is the company’s marketing and sales lead in North America and specializes in strategic marketing and communications.

Andrew joins us to share his responsibilities as Marketing Manager at FRISS and how the company helps in keeping insurance honest. He describes his journey, why he was interested in having a career in broadcasting, and what led him to join the insurance industry. He discusses the need for honesty to be rewarded with ease and convenience, especially when it comes to claims. Andrew also explains how their fraud-checking system works and how they rate users according to their honesty.

“It’s no longer an insurance industry; it’s an insurance ecosystem.” – Andrew Vogeney 

What you’ll learn:

  • Andrew’s career journey and why he was interested in broadcasting and TV.
  • The reason he wanted to work in insurance.
  • The products FRISS offers and their company mission.
  • Why they give chocolate at insurance conferences.
  • Solving the fraud problem in insurance.
  • How their fraud-checking system works.
  • What customers can do to make their accounts look better in their system.
  • What’s in the pipeline for FRISS?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Insurance companies, in terms of the bottom line, don’t want to pay out on a claim they don’t have to pay out on.
  • Honesty should be rewarded and not met with red tape.

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