Ep. 07: Legal Implications of the “Gig Economy”

by | Aug 22, 2017

Johnny Wang and Steve Cosentino are partners at Stinson Leonard Street, a company that provides services on litigations and sophisticated transactions to clients both individual and large companies. Johnny is an attorney whose responsibilities mainly cover domestic and international labor and employment with Stinson. Steve is focused on transactions related to technology, particularly on data center services, software licensing, data security, advertising, and outsourcing among other functions.

Johnny and Steve joins me today to give us a brief, yet informative overview of what it means to be a “gig economy worker” as well as the different legal practices involved compared to traditionally hired workers. They also talk about corporate responsibilities of companies who hire gig economy workers specifically on software and data security.

“Independent contractors need to be able to conduct their business and operate freely and independently.” – Johnny Wang

What you'll learn:

  • What a restrictive covenant is and the legal implications behind it.
  • What do restrictive covenants look like in practice?
  • What's an arbitration agreement and how does it link with the gig economy?
  • The benefits and drawbacks to using arbitration agreements
  • The legal issue regarding classification when it comes to gig economy workers.
  • Legal issues around data security surrounding gig economy workers.
  • Is a company legally responsible for a gig economy worker's data security?
  • IP ownership and social networking account issues for gig economy workers.

Connect with Johnny & Steve

Johnny wang:

Steve Cosentino:



Key Takeaways:

  • The more restrictions you put towards independent contractors, the easier it is for someone to come along and try to sue you for misclassification issues.

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