Ep. 163: Leveraging Technology to Monetize your License

by | May 5, 2020

Adam Michaels is an entrepreneur and founder of Enrollify, a platform that aims to solve problems faced by consultants, brokers, and enrollment firms in converting cost containment strategies into results. Equipped with over 25 years of experience, he realized that you don’t need to sell to succeed, but educate instead. He believes leaders should have the heart of a social worker, but the mind of a capitalist. Adam is also the author of the book Sink or Shine, where he separates the modern marketplace into two categories: Tugboats and Lighthouses. 

Adam joins us today to share what Enrollify plans to become and what the insurance industry can expect from their platform. He describes his life as a teen, his first few years as a professional, and how he raises his children. He discusses the idea of Global Insecurity and how it’s affecting all of us today. Adam also explains his thoughts on leveraging technology, Corporate America, the gig economy, and how he wants to have the best of both worlds at Enrollify. 

“The emergence of technology caused consumers to really lean into leveraging technology towards their wants.” – Adam Michaels

What you’ll learn:

  • Adam’s teen years and his career as a stockbroker.
  • What Global Insecurity is and where it all began.
  • His thoughts on today’s children and how difficult it was to be successful before.
  • How being a child of divorce motivated him to be successful.
  • His approach to raising children and what he teaches them.
  • Addressing the technological needs in the market and not just the wants.
  • Statistics regarding insurance education and engagement.
  • Adam’s thoughts on the gig economy and Corporate America.
  • What he means by the Reflexive “No.”

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Key Takeaways:

  • 80% of employees choose the wrong coverage.
  • If we’re insecure as employees, we don’t feel empowered.
  • An educated and engaged population leads to greater empowerment.
  • Corporate America has it all wrong. They measure success by how long people stay. Instead, they should measure success by what people say after they leave.

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