Ep. 140: Maximize Your Sales Team

by | Nov 26, 2019

Mark Evans is the Founder of Standard Sales Co., a sales training platform that focuses on scaling businesses and unlocking the potential of sales teams. He is the author of The Definitive Guide to Building Seven-Figure Sales, a book that teaches how companies can stand out from the competition and become a dominant force in their market. Mark has over nine years of experience working in various positions in key areas such as accounts, recruitment, and sales.

Mark joins us today to share some of the key strategies you can use to maximize your sales team. He shares his journey and how he found his way into a career in sales. He explains why 25% of agencies are going to close their doors, how the lack of ‘new blood’ factors into it, and the common mistakes many agency owners make when they start forming their sales teams. Mark also shares the tools he uses to help streamline his business.

“When we plateau, it’s often because we’re not having a goal bigger than what we already set.” – Mark Evans

What you’ll learn:

  • How Mark’s journey into sales started.
  • Why he says 25% of agencies in the industry can shut down.
  • The reluctance of the youth to chase a career in insurance.
  • Common mistakes agency owners make when forming a team.
  • Assembling a team that has a different type of mentality.
  • Establishing a good professional relationship in today’s industry.
  • The best ways to follow up with a client.
  • What the Almighty Power Hour is and how it helps with time management.
  • The parts of an effective sales conversation.
  • What Mark does to stay on top of his game.

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Key Takeaways:

  • 1 in 4 agencies can go out of business due to a lack of new agents.
  • The average sale or connection takes place after the seventh connection attempt, but most agents give up after the second call.
  • The highest priority in sales is filling the pipeline.

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