Ep. 118: Ninja Rater – California WC Rates in 10 Seconds or Less!

by | Jun 25, 2019

Justin Fowler is a Business Consultant, Analyst, Developer, and Founder of Ninja Rater. Ninja Rater helps companies choose the best market for a company’s Workers Compensation risk. Apart from entrepreneurial experience, Justin is also well versed in web design, sales, insurance solutions, and business consultation. He obtained his MBA in Finance from Saint Mary’s College of California in 2003 and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Psychology from California State University in 1999. 

Today, Justin joins us to discuss his passion for innovation in the insurance industry. He shares his experiences as a farmer and how he got started in the insurance industry. He explains how his software works and what makes it an efficient tool for Workers Compensation market analysis. Justin also explains how the Worker’s Comp companies differ from other types of insurance companies, what a retrospective rating plan is, and shares helpful advice to newcomers in the insurance industry.

“It makes a lot more sense to involve yourself with the existing infrastructure rather than try to replace it.” – Justin Fowler

What you’ll learn:

  • How Justin Fowler found a career in the insurance industry.
  • The lessons he learned as a chicken farmer.
  • Why insurance is one of the most lucrative industries.
  • The experience rating for Workers Comp.
  • The definition of a retrospective rating plan.
  • His opinion on insurtech startups in the industry.
  • How Workers Comp vastly differs from most insurance companies.
  • What Ninja Rater aims to achieve and how it can innovate the industry.
  • His advice to newcomers in the industry.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The more decentralized the market is, the healthier it becomes.
  • Nothing’s worse than suffering through ancient business processes.
  • We are fortunate to have the career opportunities we have today.

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