Ep. 194: Predicting Customer Behavior

by | Dec 8, 2020

Alan Ringvald is the CEO of Relativity6, a machine learning platform that lets agencies predict customer behavior accurately. They are also an insurtech company that believes agencies can never be replaced by chatbots. Alan founded the company based on his and his co-founders’ graduate thesis research at MIT. Their goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive AI-backed system that lets companies know what their customers need from them.

Alan joins us to share the idea that Relativity6 represents and what motivated him to pursue this type of business. He discusses the power of AI, the current applications of machine learning, and why some companies can’t fit AI learning systems into their business. He explains the reasons he named it Relativity6 and shares his entrepreneurial journey and how MIT helped him get a good start on his business. Alan also describes the technologies that can shake up the insurance industry and how augmented reality and VR can impact the podcasting industry.

“If you’re not really understanding a lot about your customer, you’ll never be able to grow that customer.” – Alan Ringvald

What you’ll learn:

  • Alan’s connection with the New England Patriots.
  • Being the son of immigrants and growing up not having English as the first language.
  • The company Alan started in college and what inspired him.
  • The name behind Relativity 6 and the services they offer.
  • How having an MIT email helped him gather data for his company.
  • Alan’s transition from retail to insurance.
  • Why machine learning doesn’t work with every company.
  • The kind of technology that can change the industry forever.
  • How augmented reality and virtual reality can change how podcasts are set up.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Machine learning gets better over time. It calibrates from its mistakes, making it a self-improving system.
  • AR and VR can let people do their podcasts anywhere in the world or outside of it.

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