Ep. 63: Revolutionizing the Independent Insurance Agency

by | Jun 5, 2018

Michael Jans is the Founder and Executive Chair of Agency Revolution, a company that delivers training and technology to independent agencies and brokerages in the insurance industry. The overall goal of their company is to help agencies bridge the gap between agents and their customers. As an entrepreneur and business coach, Michael has created and delivered insurance marketing strategies for over 25 years. His work has been featured in various trade magazines in North America. He has also authored and co-authored over 50 books and courses for insurance agents over the span of his career.

Michael joins us to share his wisdom on what it takes for any agency - big or small - to survive in this industry. He shares his insight as to what makes the best agencies better than the rest and what traditional agencies should do to keep up with the times. He also explains the importance of adapting and updating to the latest technologies without compromising customer relationships.

“Agencies should embrace the tools and technologies that allow them to multiple that which they are best at.” - Michael Jans

What you'll learn:

  • His career before working in the insurance industry.
  • How he decided the insurance industry was his home.
  • The number of agencies in the US today.
  • Why you should try to eliminate most of the paperwork in your agency.
  • The kind of agents he likes to work with.
  • What agencies should do to adapt to today's current market.
  • What is the single biggest decision an agent has to make?
  • The kind of technologies agencies should look into.
  • The importance of SEO when it comes to establishing a web presence.

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Key Takeaways:

  • There are far too many agents who are spending their time as technicians and not as entrepreneurs.
  • The implicit promise of having an agent versus an 800 number is the relationship formed and the personal approach.
  • We need to be aware - vigilant - about the way the industry's changed and what that means to the independent agency today.
  • One thing you're always going to hear is that this industry is not going to survive, but it has survived and remains resilient.

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