Ep. 85: Risk Genius Future Insurance Search Engine

by | Nov 6, 2018

Chris Cheatham is the CEO at RiskGenius, a technology-enabled policy review for the commercial insurance industry. Chris previously worked as an insurance attorney in Washington, D.C. before he decided to create solutions for the document problems he was facing, and connecting the insurance industry through improved technology.

Chris has joined us on the podcast to discuss how RiskGenius began, what the issues are that it provides solutions to, and ways in which technology is benefiting the insurance industry.

“No one really knows what’s in their insurance policies. And so, we’ve set out since 2014-2015 to fix that problem.” – Chris Cheatham

What you’ll learn:

  • What got Chris into the insurance industry
  • What challenges did he face when he presented his development to carriers
  • How would he go about landing a high-profile insurance client like Dr. Dre?
  • What is the RiskGenius product GeniusCheck able to do?
  • What got Chris involved in law and how did being a lawyer prepare him for the insurance industry?
  • What was the information he covered in his article: “Dear Insurtech, It’s Not You it’s Me”
  • His experiences with Insurance conferences
  • His thoughts on about his SharkTank competition
  • What is coming down the pipeline for RiskGenius?
  • His advice for InsurTech start-ups?
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Key Takeaways:

  • Put yourself in the shoes of the client’s insurance broker for the client you want to land.
  • Compile ways you can add value for your insurance client by analyzing the holes in their insurance policy.
  • RiskGenius has a product called GeniusCheck that takes an insurance policy, extracts the key information, and allows you to compare that information across other policies and quotes.
  • If we want to survive, we have to reinvent ourselves.
  • Learn constantly, speak the language of your industry, and tell our story within our industry.

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