Ep. 53: Secretary of State & Department of Revenue Filings: Traps and Pitfalls

by | Mar 27, 2018

Tameika Johnson is the Annuals and Corporate Supervisor at Insurance Licensing Services of America (ILSA). As the leader of ILSA’s Tax Team, she is responsible for helping clients with their corporate tax filings and annual returns. Her team also covers Secretary of State Certificate of Authority reinstatements and withdrawals and DBA renewals among other functions. She’s been with ILSA for over ten years and has since acquired accolades that made her one of ILSA’s most celebrated employees.

In this episode, Tameika shares her knowledge when it comes to licensing and compliance regarding the Secretary of State. She discusses the many hurdles most of her clients face along with the penalties clients incur when they don’t pay attention to compliance laws. She also provides genuine advice for newcomers in the industry.

“You don’t want your compliance costs to be more than what you’re making in business.” – Tameika Johnson

What you’ll learn:

  • How Tameika started with ILSA.
  • The many issues she tackles with her clients.
  • Issues she has helped clients overcome.
  • Why it’s hard to use “Trust” when it comes to name changing.
  • Tips for clients just starting out.
  • Do agencies pay enough attention to compliance?
  • Does she work with a lot of CPAs and attorneys?
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Key Takeaways:

  • There are states that still require disregarded entities to file a tax return.
  • You can be forfeited at the Secretary of State level because you didn’t pay your taxes.

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