Ep. 127: The Senior Market – Beat the Myths & Win the Game

by | Aug 27, 2019

Matthew Coots is the Director of Business Development at the JLS Family of Companies. One of their branches is the JLS Sales Academy, a leader in senior market agent sales training as well as a platform designed to enable agents to reach their highest potential. Matthew is a second-generation insurance agent who has more than 18 years of professional experience. His primary role is to work with agents to help them improve their performance and reach their goals.

Today, Matthew joins us to discuss what it’s like to work with the senior demographic in the insurance industry. He shares the life he had and why he chose a career in insurance. He explains what it’s like to work with people over the age of 65. Matt also describes the roles of agents and why there are certain aspects that technology can never replace.

“Our value as agents is the fact that we’re problem solvers, and that we explain potential risks.” – Matthew Coots

What you’ll learn:

  • What Matthew’s life was like growing up and how his mother affected his career decisions.
  • The senior market of the insurance industry and what it’s like to be in this sector.
  • The difference between having senior clients and younger clients.
  • Making sure the people he gets are right for the position he wants them to fill.
  • Discussing the results of their personality tests and how accurate they were.
  • The coaches involved in their training program and what agents can expect.
  • What they have in store for agents and clients this year and in 2020.
  • The responsibilities agents have that websites can never replace.
  • Why you should not fear new technology in the industry.

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Key Takeaways:

  • It’s not so much about hiring the right people as knowing when to move past the wrong people.
  • The more time you waste on the wrong people, the more it detracts from your growth.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Text SOIPodcast to “39492” to enter your name to win one of 5 FREE copies of Checkmate: Beat the Myths and Win the Game OR a one-on-one coaching call for either the Senior Market Program or one of the Scenario Selling programs offered at JLS Sales Academy.

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