Ep. 119: Battling the Opioid Epidemic – What Workers’ Comp Insurers are Doing to Help

by | Jul 2, 2019

Kevin Bingham is the Chief Results Officer at Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company, and President and CEO of their wholly owned corporate venture capital subsidiary iCubed Ventures, LLC. He is a renowned public speaker and has published more than 80 articles on important trends impacting the insurance industry.  He has published nine articles on the Opioid Epidemic. 

Kevin joins us today to share how workers’ compensation insurers are making a difference in helping prevent opioid dependency and addiction.  He provides some background on the history of the opioid epidemic, where leaders have helped to change the perception around opioid use, what some workers’ compensation insurers are doing to drive positive change, the impact of addiction on employers and employees, and some helpful hints to leverage in your daily efforts to help injured workers, friends and loved ones beat this epidemic. 

America currently has 5% of the world’s population but we consume about 80% of the Opioid supply, and if you go to some of the more carved out drugs we consume about 99%   – Kevin Bingham

What you’ll learn:

  • Kevin’s background and how he developed a passion for winning the war against opioid addiction and dependency.
  • The difference between stimulants, opiates and tranquilizers, and how that fits into the Federal Controlled Substances Act (Schedule I – IV).
  • Impactful stories of how opioids have impacted people all around us – positive and not so positive.
  • The history of the five vital signs and how the 5th vital sign of pain came about.
  • How workers’ compensation insurers are addressing the opioid epidemic to significantly lower opioid usage and medical spend.
  • The impact of opioid addiction on employers and the struggles they are facing hiring drug-free workers.
  • Tips for fighting the opioid epidemic

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