Ep. 133: Spearheading IBANY and the Family’s Legacy

by | Oct 8, 2019

Justin Foa is the 5th generation head of Foa & Son International Insurance, a family company built around international brokerage and insurance since 1861. He is also an elected Board Chair of the Tanenbaum Center, a charity dedicated to religious tolerance and peacemaking. Before he was the President and CEO of Foa & Son, Justin gained experience outside the company in various executive roles.

Justin joins us today to share the challenges of running a multi-generational insurance company. He explains the origins of Foa & Son, the types of insurance they worked with at the time, and why they transferred from Europe to the US. He shares the lessons he’s learned from his father about business. Justin also discusses what it’s like to be the one spearheading IBANY and the family’s legacy.

“Our clients know we’re the last line of defense between an unforeseen event wiping out their business.” – Justin Foa

What you’ll learn:

  • Why his company moved to the US from Europe.
  • The challenges he experienced in college and leading the company.
  • His work experience in various companies with different cultures.
  • The lessons he learned from his father regarding business.
  • The good and bad aspects of working in a family agency.
  • His thoughts on using the latest technology in a traditional agency business.
  • The programs his company have that promotes religious tolerance.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Getting the quote that is wrong for your client or not designed in the most efficient way is a waste of time.
  • We are involved in that chain of disaster and disaster recovery.

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