Ep. 122: Streamline & Make Customers Happy

by | Jul 23, 2019

Michael Furlong is the Founder and CEO of Indio Technologies Inc. Indio is proposed as a modern solution for the simplification of the insurance application process for both brokers and clients. Their goal is to help agencies improve profits by winning more businesses as well as boost work efficiency. Michael has extensive experience in sales, financial modeling, and business development. He obtained his BBA in Finance from Emory University in 2013.

Today, Michael joins us to discuss how Indio works and why agencies should use their services. He shares his experience of moving from one place to another multiple times and how they affected his attitude towards life and his career choices. He explains why he chose to work in the financial industry and why he eventually transitioned to insurance. Michael also describes why software will be at the forefront of disruption for years to come.

“Disruption doesn’t necessarily happen directly, and it doesn’t necessarily happen by adopting a value chain-based business model.” – Michael Furlong

What you’ll learn:

  • Michael’s childhood, school life, and how they influenced his career choices.
  • How his experience moving from one place to another helped develop his character.
  • The transition from financial services to the insurance industry.
  • Why software is a major disruptor in insurance. 
  • Conducting meetings virtually against meeting people in person.
  • How they came up with the name of the company.
  • What Indio is all about and where they focus their business.
  • The technology that companies should be employing, but many are missing.
  • What sets Indio apart from other agency management systems.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Many millennials don’t like having to sit down with somebody for a meeting because it’s inefficient. 
  • In learning something new, be patient and become an expert in one area then move on to the next.

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