Ep. 48: From Surgical Nurse to Surplus Lines Attorney

by | Feb 20, 2018

Christa Rapoport is a former registered nurse and a university of Virginia-trained attorney and is currently working as an Insurance Regulatory Affairs Attorney for Nelson Taplin Goldwater, a group that provides representation for the insurance industry. Christa has experience in general corporate, compliance, regulatory affairs, and growth strategy in the insurance industry and has worked for some of the largest insurance companies in the world such as Tokio Marine, Japan’s largest non-life insurance company.

In this episode, Christa describes her experience as a surgical nurse and what made her decide to join the insurance industry. She explains the intricacy of surplus lines and why it is such a crucial component of the insurance market. She also relays her hands-on assessment of cybersecurity matters and how she and her team were able to come up with solutions.

“It’s really important now that we are using so many different types of vendors and so many companies who work together, that we pay attention to how they’re operating.” – Christa Rapoport

What you’ll learn:

  • Her surgical nursing experience and how she transitioned into the insurance industry.
  • What Nelson Taplin Goldwater is about and their projects
  • What are Financial and Market Conduct examinations?
  • The difference between standard insurance and surplus lines?
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Key Takeaways:

  • Cyber security issues can come from anywhere and you end up spending a lot of time to fix even a small problem.
  • Emerging risks evolve from self insurance to surplus lines to standard insurance.

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