Ep. 182: The Real Insurtech

by | Sep 15, 2020

Matt Grossberg is Chief Executive Officer at Integrated Specialty Coverages (ISC). ISC is an insurance company that makes use of data & analytics to revolutionize the way complex programs are operated and underwritten. They specialize in Commercial Habitational Property & General Liability, construction, transportation, hospitality, and Miscellaneous E&O. Matt founded ISC in 2016 with the intent to bring strong management teams and profitable programs to their carrier and reinsurance partners. Before founding ISC, he was the former CEO of NII Brokerage from 2007 to 2011.

Matt joins us to describe his passion to work in the insurance industry and what inspired him to launch his company. He explains the need for insurance to adjust to an evolving market, especially with the new inventions and innovations reaching the market. He shares the challenges of being an entrepreneur in the insurance industry, how his father set the tone when he was still a young boy, and the lessons he’s learned about becoming a successful entrepreneur. Matt also discusses what young professionals should do if they want to be successful in any industry, particularly if they want to become tomorrow’s business leaders.

“The most important thing you can learn in life is you’re going to fail over and over again” – Matt Grossberg

What you’ll learn:

  • The challenges Matt encountered because his father was part of the insurance industry.
  • How Matt learned to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Why ILSA has a perfect business model.
  • How Matt built their company around AI and the latest technology.
  • The companies they worked with that helped their company scale faster.
  • When you should branch out and diversify in your careers.
  • Matt’s thoughts on young professionals who want to become entrepreneurs.
  • How the insurance industry will adjust to autonomous driving systems and vehicles.
  • What makes the insurance industry a different beast compared to the consumer industry.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The insurance industry will eventually have to tackle the problems with regards to self-driving vehicles.
  • Getting your company up to speed with the latest in AI and insurtech will guarantee longevity and scalability in the industry.

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