Insurance Conversations in Black & White: Upleveling Women and Minorities into The Insurance Industry C-Suite

by | Aug 13, 2020

Margaret is a transformational leadership development expert, keynote speaker, business strategist, and champion for women in the C-Suite. Determined to create a glide path for diversity and inclusion in executive leadership, Margaret launched The Employee to CEO Project, a global initiative aimed at increasing the representation of women, with specific emphasis on minority women, in C-Level leadership roles. Her bold mission is to empower ten-thousand women, over the next five years, into executive leadership and ultimately into the C-Suite.

Margaret has authored three books. Her latest book, Leadership Self-Transformation: 52 Career-Defining Questions Every High-Achieving Women Must Answer, challenges women to clarify their vision, pivot from expert to leader, and build the career they want. The opening chapter of her book asks women two simple questions, what do you want, and why don’t you have it now? 

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