Ep. 192: Using Tech To Identify & Protect What’s Important

by | Nov 24, 2020

David Wald is the CEO and Co-Founder of Aclaimant, an InsurTech company that provides risk management services. They cater to commercial construction, industrial staffing, real estate, and hospitality industries. As CEO, his responsibilities include spearheading the company’s focus on emerging risks, especially those that came to light with the pandemic of 2020. David strives to fully digitize any company’s entire risk management processes, citing how many new businesses are tackling AI, machine learning, drones, and IOT. 

David joins us to discuss how Aclaimant can help clients visualize their company’s risk management data into a single platform. He shares his journey to realizing he wanted to be his own boss and how he stumbled onto the world of insurance. He explains the risks that have revealed themselves in light of COVID-19 and how businesses are all trying to make their workplaces safe for their employees. David also describes what he thinks the future of risk management will be and what newcomers to the industry should do to find success.

“The more different ways you can help people think about the things they can do to get better without being overwhelming, the better off they’ll be.” – David Wald

What you’ll learn:

  • How David discovered he wanted to become an entrepreneur.
  • How David stumbled into the insurance industry?
  • The inspiration behind their company and the services they offer.
  • What it means for a company to have a risk-intelligent culture.
  • How David’s business supports organizations in creating a risk-intelligent culture.
  • The measures businesses can implement to gain their employees’ trust to come back to work again.
  • What the Covid-19 pandemic has taught businesses and employees.
  • The future of risk management and how insurtech can innovate towards it.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Tools should be used to help make good things better instead of preventing bad things from getting worse.
  • Data, as it relays more input and predictability, is the future of risk management.

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